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Rivet custom geometry is able to provide the difference to the rider looking to optimise the most out of their machine.


Rivet utilises trained fit consultants for exact measurement and detail. Frames can also be built to specifications provided by you.


Innovation is at the heart of all Rivet designs. Riding is part of our lives and Rivet gives you the opportunity to race, commute or travel the way you want.


As the heart of a slick urban commuter, a Rivet frame will withstand the daily grind and make your commute the best part of the day.


Going on holidays? Attach the rack mounts and panniers for some real adventures abroad.


Need seamless integration with internal gear hubs, hydraulic brakes, sliding dropouts, eccentric bottom brackets, rack mounts, fender mounts, internal wiring (lights, Di2 gearing etc)?


Where you go, Rivet goes with you.



Rivet 2016 DSCustom
Rivet Flat bar commuter custom
Rivet Dropout 2
Rivet adjustable dropouts
Rivet Tandem Custom
Rivet Happy Decal
Rivet Commuter
Rivet Road - M1

Electronic groupset integration and routing


Total integration of your chosen electronic groupset gives you protection from the elements with a cleaner finish.


Whether it be Shimano Di2 or Campagnolo EPS, you can have the battery and wiring integrated into the frame for the cleanest aesthetic finish available. Talk to us about a funky build you have in mind.


XTR Di2 rear with Di2 hydraulic brake road shifters? Anything is possible.



Leading componentry options


The synergy of Rivet with leading componentry brands Chris King, Enve, 3T and Deda to name a few, ensure the end product is bespoke and state of the art.



Sliding dropouts


Gives you the option to set up your bike the way you need it. Single speed, geared or an internal gear hub on the same platform.


Change the dropouts completely to run through axles for even better performance for better power delivery and improved braking power over a standard quick release. With simple tools you can customise your bike to dial in the performance and feel as required.



S&S Couplers


Do you need a full size bike that packs down to the smallest footprint possible? Still want a travel bike to perform and give you the confidence to ride a few mountain passes abroad?


Rivet has designed a bike with S&S couplers that is perfect for the travelling cyclist that doesn't want to miss a ride. S&S couplers can be added into most Rivet bikes during the design and build process.

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