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All Rivet bikes utilise straight gauge titanium 3AI-2.5V tubing. We utilise straight gauge tubing as opposed to a butted tube to keep the amount of deflection in the tube to a minimum and to keep the frames performance consistent and predictable.


All tubes are optimised in diameter and wall thickness to dial in the ride comfort where we want it and dial in the stiffness where we need. Our bi-axially ovalised and oversize down tube is there to increase the size weld area to the head tube and the bottom bracket to withstand the differing loads applied at either end of the bike.


Rivet titanium frames are strong, resilient and durable, yet compliant enough even for the most challenging terrain.


The durability of titanium is an advantage beyond steel, aluminium and carbon. Titanium is as strong as steel, yet lighter. It is as light as aluminium, yet has more longevity.


It is as comfortable (or possibly more comfortable) than carbon yet way more durable.

Rivet Road - M1
Rivet M3
Rivet M2


* Standard finish encompasses vinyl decals of your choice from our colour palette on the bead        blasted finish


* Externally routed cables for mechanical groupset


* English threaded bottom bracket shell and 11/8" head tube



Rivet provides the rider with the options to individualise your machine 

from the ground up:



** Brushed, blasted or painted finish


** Customised decals and etched logos for the unique touch


** 44mm sculpted head tube to utilise tapered steerer forks for added stiffness and performance


** T47 threaded oversize bottom brackets shell for larger weld area and the ability to use lighter cranks to increase drivetrain stiffness for better efficiency and performance


** Choice of seat post diameters to tune your ride feel and comfort (27.2mm and 31.6mm)


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