Pure, Raw, Timeless

Rivet bikes are based on the desire to create something authentic.


The Rivet philosophy is derived from our racing roots - one ride and you'll understand what our bikes are about.


Designed in Sydney Australia to the precise needs of the intended riding experience desired, our quality stands out in the real world applications.


Rivet builds bikes for road, time trial, MTB, commuting, touring and any other mash up that you can imagine. Rivet provides standard geometry builds and custom specific designs to suit the cyclist's needs from concept to completion.


Rivet is constantly developing and refining the bike frame as we know it. We know that Rivet owners demand more from their bike and we have some unique options that accomodate those specific needs.


Who rides Rivet? The rider that knows they want a quality bike without compromise. Elegant, considered and most of all, timeless.




A collection of Rivet bikes built with passion


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